Jim's Weather Software
Download and install Jim's Weather software and get current weather information automatically updated every 5 minutes on your computer desktop. Includes current conditions for Cedar Rapids, animated radar and weather alerts for Linn County.
Compatible with Windows 7/8.1/10
>> Looking for the Jim's Weather desktop gadget? It has been discontinued <<
Jim's Weather version 2.2.3 - DOWNLOAD (HTA version. Latest official release. Published 8/12/2019)
Jim's Weather version 3.0.2 (Beta) - DOWNLOAD (PowerShell version to replace HTA version. Published 1/15/2018. Testing was never completed on this. Use at your own risk.
**Software Install Note** Chances are when you install the software, Windows will complain that the software is from an untrusted publisher. That is correct! I have no desire to spend $100+ per year for a Code Signing Certificate.
Win7 Desktop